Family History Training – with a Qualified Genealogist and Tutor.

We offer a range of training options with our Personalised Coaching and regular classes.**

Personalised Coaching Sessions

family history courses

Personalised coaching sessions are for those family historians who have come to a brick wall in their research or wish to have one to one training on how to start their own research. We will not do the research for you, but will point you in the right direction, explaining any errors you may have made and making suggestions on how you could continue your research.

Each one hour session will cover a review of the research you have already done in the specific area required, followed by an action plan on how to proceed.

Beginners Coaching sessions may include a visit to a County Archives. Sessions can be conducted in person in Hull, East Yorkshire or North Lincolnshire, or by email, and must be paid in advance of any advice being given.

*For the reasons of personal safety face to face meetings should take place in a public area such as a library or history centre and not the clients home.

Courses for Groups

Organisations in Hull, East Yorkshire or North Lincolnshire can also book us to provide a range of Family History courses for their clients, to take place on their premises, ranging from a two and a half hour taster session to a six week intermediate level course.

Groups can be between 6 to 14 people per course. It should be noted that larger groups reduce the amount of personal tuition that we believe is needed, hence we cannot accept more than 14 people per class.

**We do not have the facilities to run our own classes so rely on organsiations booking us to run courses they have organised.

family history courses

All sessions have a classroom element with a mixture of instruction and activities, and a workshop section when learners can research their own family trees under the tutor’s expert guidance. All courses require a basic ability to use a computer. As well as covering the basic records, courses also include hints and tips, gained from over 30 years’ worth of research experience, to keep learners on the right track and make their research easier.

Beginners and those with more experience have found these courses useful and interesting.

All sessions and courses have a standard fee per group. We do not charge per person.

“have learnt so much from attending Anne’s Family History courses and everyone has enjoyed themselves”

“Our centre users have learnt so much from attending Anne’s Family History courses and everyone has enjoyed themselves. The classes are always really informative, helpful in building people’s confidence and in giving them the knowledge to carry out research on their own. A really friendly environment with lots of interesting activities. – Robert Cary, Unity In Community, Hull

Online Courses

We no longer offer an online course.

A FREE online genealogy course run by Strathclyde University can be accessed via the FutureLearn website.